Pre-employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening is a process to determine the essential skills, ability of applicants before or after employment. It is done to find the suitability of the candidate for the position.

The examination is planned in combination with the Job Site Analysis (JSA), and other significant details related with the position. A pre-employment examination does not only reduce the occurrence of soft tissue injuries but also the severity. It is shown in various studies that aptly designed exams reduce the overall cost of these injuries.

There are different testing requirements of different companies:

  • Audiometric evaluations
  • Drug Testing and Urinalysis
  • Physical and Orthopedic Examination
  • Functional Capacity Analysis
  • Psycho-analytical Questionnaires

The physical examination is planned according to the requirements of the Job Site Analysis, considering following factors:

  • Anthropometric Factors. (Minimum/Maximum Height/Reach requirements for the work involved).
  • Biomechanical / Postural Factors.
  • Range of Motion. Spine and Extremities.
  • Physiological Factors.
  • Fitness assessment.
  • Functional Capacity Testing-Sit ups, Squats, Low back Extensions, etc.
  • Aerobic assessment.
  • Body Mass Index.
  • Strength – Isometric and Isotonic testing according to Job Site Analysis.
  • Standard Medical Assessment including cardio-vascular, neurological, regional, orthopedic, abdominal.