Exercise Prescription

Exercise prescription commonly refers to the specific plan of fitness-related activities that are designed for a specified purpose, which is often developed by a fitness or rehabilitation specialist for the client or patient. It is a common form of treatment utilized by Castle Hill Sydney NSW chiropractors, customized, yet easy-to-learn, low tech exercise prescription, performed by motivated patients can enhance most any treatment.

Our expert chiropractor in castle hill Sydney NSW will ensure that appropriate and safe exercises are prescribed for you. Exercise prescription may consist of the following:

  • Stretching exercises to promote flexibility within tight, injured, or weakened muscles and the joints that they may influence.
  • Strengthening exercises to rehabilitate injured or weakened muscles and the joints that they influence.
  • Stabilization exercises to help train your nervous system and teach your body its most efficient and balanced position in space.
  • Cardiovascular exercise for general fitness, weight loss, and rehabilitation.
  • Tips on starting a safe and effective exercise program.
  • Ergonomic advice and corrective exercises to combat postural strain.

An exercise program that may be considered safe and appropriate for one individual may not be safe for another individual because of age, physical limitations, and other general health concerns. It is for this reason that a beneficial exercise program can vary greatly from one person to the next, and it is generally prescribed by our knowledgeable and experienced chiropractor.

Chiropractors in Castle Hill Sydney NSW emphasis is in the areas of spinal stabilization and body mechanics. Exercises prescribed will be designed specifically for you and with all biomechanics taken into consideration.