Corrective Exercise

An exercise that can help in regaining the body’s flawless postural position is Corrective Exercise. The body is planned to implement any task at its finest level when it is in a good posture position. Unluckily, we lean towards bad habits of lounging, leaning or even sitting at our desks at work in these really strange positions.

After a while, you will steadily start to accept that position in everyday things that you do. Hence, the body will start tightening in certain areas and loosen in other areas. This can cause muscles to become weaker and some may not even perform at all. Compromised actions in one portion of body can lead to symptoms emerging in another part of body.

At Multicare Chiropractic, we specially design an exercise program to meet your specific needs. Muscle weakness and fall in your sense of balance can be caused by strained nerves. Exercises can strengthen muscles to keep up your progress and prevent future injuries, even if the disorder is in lower back or neck pain, a slipped disc, rotator cuff syndrome or ankle sprain.

The scientific principles of biomechanics, physics, motor control and human physiology are combined to correct the cumulative stress on your body. Corrective Exercise serves two major purposes:

  • A long lasting solution for anybody with injuries, aches, pains, or joint problems looking to resolve their condition.
  • The missing link for anyone needing exercise to improve, fitness, health, well-being or sporting performance.

Benefits of Corrective Exercise

  • Pain Reduction – results can be immediate and intense. Although not immediately permanent, these results may be reproduced on a daily basis in the luxury of their own home.
  • Empowers you to take control over your pain without drugs, surgery or manipulation.
  • Improves functional and athletic performance.
  • Helps reduce the risk of training and sports injuries
  • Identifies physical imbalances and weaknesses
  • Identifies the difference between movement quality and compensations
  • Identifies cause-and-effect relationship to micro trauma
  • Improves the activities of daily living
  • Enhanced strength, flexibility and power
  • Postural Improvement
  • Stress Reduction
  • Better Overall Sense of Well being