Chiropractic Problems

A chiropractic problem is caused by misalignment of the spine, which is also known as “subluxation”. In subluxation, the misaligned spine obstructs the nerve signals coming from the brain, causing disorders of the spine, joints and muscles. It can also cause problems in the internal organs, glands and blood vessels.

In 1895, a Canadian osteopath, David Daniel (D.D.) Palmer developed Chiropractic. Chiropractic treatment is a very popular and effective treatment for restoring the spinal structure. Chiropractic means doing by hands. This word has come from ancient Greek where ‘cheiro’ means ‘hand’ and praktikos means ‘doing’. So, chiropractors implement the procedure of using their hands to identify the problem and cure any disorder of spine, joint and muscles.

Our body has self-healing property which works efficiently when body system functions with synchronization. Spinal cord executes the main function of carrying nerve to each part of the body, so any strain or stress on the spinal cord can cause severe problems in the body. Chiropractic treatment helps in restoring the spine so that body system can function accurately.

Chiropractic methodology is mechanistic which put emphasis on spine; a significant support structure. X-rays plays an important role in this treatment. A chiropractor accumulates information of the patient like medical history, lifestyle, observes posture and may perform diagnostic tests, especially X-rays.

The practitioner diagnoses the functioning of spinal column, joints and muscles of the patient throughout which the patient has to be maneuvered into various positions. An especially adjustable chiropractic couch has been designed for the treatment. Stiff or ‘locked’ joints are treated on second consultation. Precise and measured techniques are implemented by the practitioners, known as ‘adjustments’. The practitioner begins by moving joints to check how far they can move (mobilization), and then gives a quick, measured push to take it slightly further.

During mobilization, there may be a painless but an audible ‘click’ in the joint. When the joint is suddenly stretched, a tiny gas bubble created by the change in pressure collapses, causing this ‘click’.

Common Chiropractic Problems

Back pain – Back pain can be differentiated as acute pain, sub-acute pain and chronic pain. Back pain generally affects the lower back. It can be a short-term problem, a few days or weeks, or can continue for several months or even years.

Carpal tunnel syndrome – When the median nerve which travels through the wrist is being compressed, causing pain and numbness in the hand it is known as Carpal Tunnel. Finger movement is regulated by the median nerve which contains a package of ligaments.

Headaches and migraines – Headaches are so common that they affect a lot of people, and can be very unbearable. If the head is not properly supported by the neck bones, this can disturb the nerves, muscles and blood supply to the head.

Neck problems – Neck pain problems can become debilitating for sufferers. Many people experience neck pain at some point in their life. Neck problems can be caused by injury, stress, falling asleep in an awkward position, prolonged use of a computer keyboard.

Poor posture – Postures defines the position and condition of the spine. Correct posture can reduce the risk of back and neck pain or any spinal misalignment. Poor posture can lead to neck pain, back pain, headaches, disc decay, scoliosis.

Pregnancy pains – In third trimester, most of the women experience back pain during pregnancy. Gaining weight can be one of the causes for lower back pain. Good exercise programme helps in managing back pain. Back pain is normal in pregnancy but should not be taken as a part of procedure.

Shoulder problems – Upper bone arm remains constant in the shoulder socket with the help of four ligaments. Due to these tendons, the broadest variety of movement is provided by the shoulder. This variety of movement disposes us to the shoulder pain. Shoulder problem can be caused by excessive exercise like swimming, weightlifting and tennis etc.

Sports injuries – The misuse of muscles or ligaments can cause various sports injuries. There are soft tissues in our body like ligaments, muscles, tendons, joints which gets damage. Sports injury can occur due to muscle strain, ligament sprain or overstressed tendons.

Tennis elbow – When muscles get stressed repeatedly, then it tends to Tennis elbow injury. This category is called Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI). This monotonous strain tends to give many small tears in the ligaments. Tennis elbow can be caused by painting, using screw driver, and scissor.